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The CPR course for childcare provider is designed to provide the fundamental skills and confidence to perform CPR on adult, children, or infants. This course will teach participants how to recognize and alleviate airway obstructions, the proper use of an AED, and the signs, symptoms, and the action to take for a stroke or heart attack.

Course Length: Approximately 2 hours

Recommended Audience

This course is strongly recommended for all of the general public. This course will not fill the requirements for health care providers.

First Aid

Course Description: The First Aid course is designed to provide rescuers the fundamental skills to recognize and treat medical emergencies. This course will teach students scene safety, the signs and symptoms of diabetes, stroke, and seizures and how to best treat these emergencies. Students will also learn how to control bleeding, treat for shock and burns, and minimize spinal damage due to head and spine injuries. In addition, students will get hands-on practice in dealing with blood borne pathogen safety, controlling bleeding, and dealing with broken bones and sprains.

Course Length: 3 hours

Recommended Audience

This course is recommended for the general public whom might respond to medical emergencies. First aid training would be especially valuable to construction, warehouse, and factory workers, coaches, teachers, child care providers, babysitters, security personnel, and facility M.E.R.T (Medical Emergency Response Teams) members.

Blood Borne Pathogen

Course Description: The Blood Borne Pathogen course will provide training and education in how to minimize the exposure risk to individuals from bio hazardous waste. This course will teach students about Universal Precautions and BSI (body substance isolation), proper use and techniques of donning and doffing gloves, disposing of sharps, biohazard clean up, and the proper reporting procedures for exposures.

Course Length: Approximately 1 hour

Recommended Audience

The Blood Borne Pathogen course is designed for people who have a reasonable chance of coming into contact with blood or blood containing materials as part of their job responsibilities.

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